Gaines Garage

Last Update: April 28, 2018
New Vehicles Just Arrived:
2004 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 2006 Ford F150 XL Super Cab 4X4 2003 Chevrolet S10 Crew Cab 4X4

Automotive Service
Pennsylvania State Inspections
Air Conditioning Service
Auto Sales and Title Work / Notary
Welding / Auto Electrical Repair
Vehicle Sales
AAA Emergency Services 24-Hour Towing
Roll-Back and Wrecker Service
Jump Starts and Flat Tires
Lock Outs and Fuel Delivery
Wheel Lift and Winching
Red Rollback
Gaines Garage
1933 Route 6; PO Box 81
Gaines, PA 16921
Phone 814-435-2902
Fax 814-435-2903
Mobile 814-404-1561
Most Credit Cards Accepted Including Bank ATM Debit Cards
Licensed by:
Pennsylvania Department of State
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Gaines Garage

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